Patients' Feedback

These are from the many letters and messages I have received.

What I know is that without your diagnostic skills and swift action, I wouldn't be here today to write anything at all.
Just to say how much I appreciated your care and skill. Your PA was very reassuring and spot on when she said I would feel ten times better when I had met you. I felt you treated me as a person, not just a condition, with sensitivity, warmth and real expertise to the point where I was able to face extensive skin grafts with equanimity, knowing I was in safe hands. During the biopsies, you put me at ease and the experience was almost without discomfort. I am still incredibly grateful for the clear information you gave and the way you shared it. Thank you.
A big thank you to you and your staff for the very professional treatment I received yesterday and, indeed, on my previous visits – I very much appreciate your caring and reassuring attitude.
To the magician with the small knives a big thank you.
I felt I would like to write to thank you very much for your kindness and understanding when dealing with the growth on my nose – not just during the procedure but the time taken to advise and inform me beforehand. It was all very reassuring. My nose has healed now and is looking very neat.
I am writing with appreciation for your very kind, professional and yet very personal consultations. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness. My sincere good wishes.
You are a wonderful surgeon and a lovely person.
I am more grateful than I can express to Carrie Newlands for her skill and care.
I honestly cannot speak highly enough of your dedication and incredible professionalism and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have fallen under your care when I needed it the most. I really can't thank you enough.
Thank you so much for your skill and kindness in dealing with my skin cancer. I had expected to be scarred due to my keloid problem but no scars – lovely.
My thanks to you for all your hard work for me your expertise and friendly support and for encouraging me throughout my treatments and procedures. I now have a new and most beautiful nose. Thank you and also please give my thanks and appreciation to all your surgical team.
Thank you so much for your care and careful explanation before you removed my mole. I found the process really easy and pain-free and I'm delighted with the result.
The wound has healed extremely well in fact the scar is virtually invisible to the naked eye. If it wasn't for the letter from my GP I could easily think that it was all a dream. The purpose of this letter is to thank you for making the process of removing my wart as comfortable and stress-free as possible and to praise you for your skill in leaving no sign that one ever existed.
Thank you for your expertise – my scar is now almost invisible.
I was very lucky that Miss Newlands was able to carry out the procedure herself. I had the stitches removed last Wednesday and she has done such a good job. Please thank her on my behalf not only for performing the operation but having such a kind and reassuring manner.
Thank you for helping my son with your expertise at a very distressing time for him – we are all pleased with the outcome and cannot thank you enough for your skill and kindness.
Please thank Dr Newlands for the good news and advise her that everything appears to be going fine. We are both enjoying our trip, with temperatures up to the high 70's. To help protect Dr Newlands' fine needlework, I have dipped into my wallet and purchased a wide brimmed hat. Please also advise her that the bandaging was so good that it stayed in place for over 24 hours!
Can I also take this opportunity to thank you for the care and skill you have shown in dealing with my skin problems. It is greatly appreciated.
May I take this opportunity to thank you and your colleagues for the wonderful service and treatment I have received from all of you. Your team have been exceptional and so efficient with emails keeping me informed of appointments and answering my questions. A huge thank you to you, Dr Newlands, for doing such a wonderful procedure and being so reassuring on each of my visits to you. The nursing staff in the operation room were also so kind and helpful. Please thank everyone for me. Yours sincerely and with much gratitude.
Carrie, just a short note in grateful thanks to you for your kind help and support. I very much appreciated your very personal attention, and interest in my well being, along with the professional care and attention you and the team provided for me during my short stay. I realise you must be very busy, and meet very many people in your work, but please accept this short note of thanks from me. Whilst not sure what the future holds I remain grateful, and indeed thankful that I am under your care.
Thank you for fixing M's ear. It looks beautiful!
Although we have met only briefly, I should have said you are a wonderful surgeon who uses your gifts to rebuild patients' lives and you did a great job in dispatching my minor problem. You strike me as a delightful person who gives a lot of yourself too. Saying that seemed presumptuous but that is what I should have said. It was a pleasure to meet you.